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 Introduces Hammock Inspired Bicycles for Enthusiasts of all Ages

Features Tush-Friendly Comfort Seat

June 10, 2013 Los Angeles, CA:   Vehicles for human transport that have two wheels and require balancing date back to the early 19th century. Many advancements have been made over the years from bull horns to use of electric technology, but until BananaHama, no manufacturer has been able to fuse comfort with performance in a bike that allows the rider to cycle with feet down in a standard position.

New start-up company BananaHama LLC, so named because its bicycle frame is shaped like a banana, is entering the marketplace with bikes that are truly different in design, performance and experience.  There is something for everyone in the line from casual riders, buffs, and hard core bikers; adults, toddlers and even babies. Consumers can choose from a variety of frame colors and an unlimited array of Hama colors, fabrics and designs.

Jay Townley and Elliot Gluskin, top bike industry consultants with more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry, endorse BananaHama and share a theory that for every “biker,” there are six casual riders that don’t ride that often mainly because of the comfort issue. BananaHama bikes solve that concern which, it is anticipated, will be the driving force behind robust sales.

Described by devotees as the most comfortable bike on the market, it’s totally new design incorporates the best features of a conventional bike with the comfort of a recumbent. The result is a previously unattainable, level of ultimate biking comfort that enables the rider to sit upright and get an excellent leg workout.  BananaHama bikes are also shock resistant which means that pot holes will no longer become obstacles to a safe and smooth ride. This totally unique bicycle enables the rider to achieve new levels of enjoyment while turning the heads of onlookers.

The BananaHama bike is the brainchild of Brent Ingrim who in 2012, after experiencing an uncomfortable ride on the beach, had a vision, set out to combine a hammock into a bike and using his metal designer expertise, wound up designing a frame shaped like a banana. Ingrim commented, “With this highly innovated line of concept bikes I feel certain that a new era is upon us that will provide unparalleled enjoyment and safety for millions of bike riders. I am thrilled to see my idea come to fruition”

Together with longtime friend Barry Weingart, who immediately sparked to the idea, they formed BananaHama L.L.C. Weingart added, “With the advent of the BananaHama bike the future is here for cyclists of all ages and all levels of ability. This is the best thing to happen to bikes since the invention of the wheel and is made to order for those early adopters who must always have the newest and coolest thing out there. Let the fun begin.”

The company’s fleet of bikes includes three basic models. The BananaHama Beach Cruiser, the basic model that comes in 5 color choices with an optional surfboard or canopy attachment; the BananaHama Urban, an upgraded model with 27 speeds, that is available in a brown and black finish with a leatherette covered Hama and the distinctive BananaHama MINI Morphable Stroller/Trike designed for the younger set that easily coverts from a stroller to a tricycle, offering a safe, comfortable ride and a very cool experience.

The launch commences on May 30, 2013 with the initial orders being placed on  Bikes will be sent to local retailers who will arrange for pickup and also offer optional assembly.

Pledges on Kickstarter range from $10 to $10,000 and each level delivers different rewards.  For example; pledges of $175 or more will get you the Mini Basic model that retails for $220, while a pledge of $680 will make you the proud owner of the Beach Cruiser that retails for $750. Make a contribution of $1,200 and you will receive the upgraded Urban that retails for $1,330. Brent will custom build the ultimate BananaHama for a $5,000 pledge and for the supreme biking enthusiast, a pledge of $10,000 delivers the ultimate custom bike and a chance to be with the BananaHama team at 3 major biking event including Inter-Bike in Las Vegas.

For more information on BananaHama and their innovative and exciting line of fun bikes go to or


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