B C Premier, Liberals called Cheats, “Ethnicgate” headed for BC Courts.

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PRESS RELEASE: Vancouver (7/17/2013)- John Dyble report of 7,849 pages was the highlight of the New Liberal Government session in Victoria, since July 15th, opposition NDP Leader and MLA’s asking questions on the ” Quick Wins”, Multicultural, ethnic strategy of the Liberal Party, where many Government Employees , clocked 1000’s of hours doing Party Work for the Liberals, since Premier Clark took Office in 2011. The Premier was forced to apologize, with calls for her resignation by Liberal  Vikram Bajwa and other members,to respect the Ethnicity of South Asians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and African Canadians, which prompted in the resignation of Multicultural Minister John Yap, Premiers Secretary Kim Haakstad, Brian Boney, with a partial promise of Investigation, concluded before elections by John Dyble, with more releases on the report in June 2013, after 60 days of the win of Liberals. The FOI Commissioner, could not effectively use her Office for an Independent Review of the “Quickwins”, which is being questioned by the Justice Department and the Legal fraternity of British Columbia.

As predicted majority of Ethnic candidates lost, both from Liberals and NDP, due to the backlash and “Gentleman Dix”, campaign ineffective campaign style versus Clarks, aggressive scare tactics, which regained more seats for the Liberals. Vikram Bajwa confesses, ” we should not have asked for her resignation, which adversely effected the results of the outcome of the election, indirectly we contributed to “Todays Liberals” and Clarks win”., lost our concerns on the issue.

Today ” BC Ethnic Committee”, was formed, from various communities to raise money and file a court case against John Dyble Report. “We are in touch with Civil Liberty Lawyers to file the case in BC Provincial Courts, if the Justice Department does not, respond to NDP”, said Vikram Bajwa, dissident Liberal.

Majority Ethnic Associations are pondering on the Liberals, for not divulging the Truth, hiding many questions, which are relevant to our Multiculture, political assimilation, respect and dignity, while inviting the ministers to their events. After 3 days of Liberal refusal to answer the “PayOff”, question and declining for an Independent Review of the Quikwins, by  B C Courts, NDP Opposition leader called Liberals and the Premier “Cheats”, for many reasons, which once again triggers our questions and concerns to obtain answers, why did the Liberals cancel ” Chinese Head Tax”, project, under what reasons they accepted ‘ komaGata Maru” apology, why were they making “Racial” lists of Voters and many more questions, on the basis of the John Dyble Report.

“We need answers”, said NDP MLA’s, endorsed by Chinese Canadians, India BC Foundation and Spanish Cultural Association of B.C.

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