B C Premier Christy Clark not Voted by Caucus as Premier-2013

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Victoria BC: B.C. Liberals won a handsome majority to lead British Columbia, but Christy Clark having lost her Riding, raises many questions on the legality of her continuing as Premier of British Columbia, without being selected/Voted by majority of the New Liberal MLA, who have yet to convene a meeting of the New Caucus and swear as an MLA.

Mean while Premier Christy Clark, announced her inner ” Kitchen Cabinet”, without any advise from legal luminaries, putting her decisions into the rooms of B.C. Courts. Jeff Eby said ” there are set legal principles on voting and selection of Premier of British Columbia”, which have been evaded by Christy Clark, suggesting to B.C.Voters and Canadian politics a new twist of her thoughts on governing. ” Even a C.E.O.of a company, convenes a meeting of the directors” said-Diane Huang of Richmond.

Many of the NDP winners are still in a mode of surprise shock, thus have been unable to address, the current legality of the Premier. This is an open case for challenge in the British Columbia courts said Vikram Bajwa, ” BC Premier Office can be asked to prove its Legality”.

There has yet to be a Press meeting, called by the Premier’s Office, to answer these legal questions, in the minds of Voters, especially when Christy Clark has to seek re-election into the Legislature. Even the Budget hangs on her win in the By-Election.

John Williams, suggested that “New Caucus”, should choose an interim Premier, until the results of the By-Election .

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