Attractmist.Com: Pheromone Colognes in time for Valentine’s Day —Science Included.

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AttractMist.Com pheromone colognes offers four lovely ancient pagan love potions with added 100% pheromones.  AttractMist Adonis is a male seeking female blend.  AttractMist Cleopatra is for women seeking male attention and affection.  AttractMist Pan and Sappho are for homosexual males and females, respectively.  They are available on Valentine’s Day through the end of February for $19.95.  The retail price will be set at $49.95 after that in wider distribution.  The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Our customer’s response during our tests, including at least one marriage, gives us no doubt in the efficacy of our AttractMist products.  The science just serves to confirm it all.” says Julie Han, Managing Director of AttractMist.Com.  “Even prior to its release, we have numerous success stories and customers who wanted to tell their story.”

Customer Experiences

Judy N. of Queens, NY had difficulty believing her change in social status both at work and at play.  She met David T., who she would never have approached thinking “he’s so totally out of my league.”  But on this night, Rusty approached her.  That was six-months ago.  They now live together and are discussing engagement.

Daniel M. and Joyce H. are through discussing marriage.  “I felt kind of stupid putting it on. Like ‘has it really come to this?’  But I don’t feel stupid at all anymore” said Daniel who met Joyce who said she “felt something strangely different and compelling” when she met Daniel.  Daniel knew it was AttractMist.  She and Daniel are to be married in July.

Do Pheromones really work in humans?

It’s hard to sell a product that makes people say ‘you can’t really do that” but If you think quality human pheromone colognes are merely theoretical, that it’s all ‘snake-oil’ or the claims made are “too good to be true”— think again.” says AttractMist’s Han.

Here’s some of that science: [excerpted for brevity]  In a 2002, San Francisco State University’s Psychology Department conducted “a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of synthesized… pheromone … with university women.  A significantly greater proportion of pheromone users compared with placebo increased their frequency of sexual intercourse, sleeping next to a partner, formal dates, petting, affection, kissing, or informal dates.  74% of pheromone users compared with 23% of placebo users[We have] concluded that this synthesized pheromone formula acted as a sex attractant pheromone and increased the sexual attractiveness of women to men.”  Numerous studies with male subjects and LGBT subjects have yielded the same or even more conclusive results.

The Scientific and Medical Naysayers? 

Where are they?  We could find only two after so many definitive double-blind tests.  We listened to them.  Some “think” that it’s “probably placebo” and its success rate “has to do with the wearer’s confidence level.”  AttractMist.Com agrees those are factors, too– but they must rely on “hunches” because there are no known tests that in any way debunk or disprove the efficacy of AttractMist’s Love Potions with human pheromones and quality pheromone colognes similar in composition to ours.

About AttractMist.Com

AttractMist.Com, a division of Identity Link Inc. is headquartered in Montclair, New Jersey.  It is a private concern.  AttractMist is also sold on JuJuMagick.Com, an affiliated company.



Julie Han

Managing Director

AttractMist Division

Phone (866) 278-1840

E-Mail:  julie (at) attractmist dot com

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