Asante announces download capability from Snap Insulin Pump to Diasend software

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LIGHTNING RELEASES: Sunnyvale, CA (2/3/2014) – Asante Solutions, Inc., manufacturer of the Asante Snap™ Insulin Pump, announced today that healthcare providers can now download patients’ glucose readings and insulin doses from the Snap pump to Diasend’s web-based data management solution. This allows providers to easily analyze data and view trends during their patients’ office visit.  

“The download capability of the Snap pump with Diasend is a lot like the Snap pump itself – easy, fast, and streamlined,” says Ken El-Sherif, Vice President of Marketing at Asante. Healthcare providers only need a unique tool called the AsanteSync, which is provided by Asante. The AsanteSync works in conjunction with a Diasend transmitter in the provider office.  The Snap pump data is viewable in the standard Diasend reports, like the logbook, pump settings, and bolus adherence reports.

“We partnered with Diasend as part of our commitment to open standards so that healthcare providers do not have to learn another proprietary system. Diasend is compatible with over 80 devices including other pumps and meters, so downloading Snap should fit right in to providers’ existing protocols, “ said El-Sherif.

Healthcare providers interested in learning more can contact Asante’s Customer Care team at 855-4-ASANTE.

“Patients with diabetes are often worried about buying a pump and then being locked into technology for four years,” said El-Sherif. “That’s why we made upgrades a Snap with our upgrade program. Patients using Snap can upgrade their pump at any time for $99. We have decided to waive the upgrade fee for early Snap adopters that started using Snap before it was download compatible.”

Current Snap users interested in upgrading can simply contact Asante Customer Care at 855-4-ASANTE.

About the Asante Snap Insulin Pump
The Asante Snap Insulin Pump is designed to be an easy-to-use system for those on intensive insulin therapy. In developing the Snap, Asante scrutinized and improved each step of the pumping process, from filling the pump to the user interface to detecting occlusions to pricing. The resulting Snap Insulin Pump is the only pump that features a prefilled insulin cartridge, which is just one aspect of the design that lets patients spend less time working on their pump and more time enjoying their lives. More product details are available at

About Asante Solutions, Inc.
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Asante Solutions, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company developing simple solutions for diabetes. For more information, visit

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