Arun Jaitley will loose Lok Sabha to Navjot Sidhu’s Betrayed Ghost : NRI’s

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Los Angeles: Sanjay Kapoor. Arun Jaitley, who is the leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha of BJP, leading lawyer, who saved Navjot Sidhu, from the gallows of Death sentence, on his 302 IPC Section, trial got his payback time from Navjot , who considered him a “guru”. NRI Lawyer Kanwal Pannu of Los Angeles, after Navjot Sidhu’s silence has come with facts pertaining to Arun Jaitley’s client and lawyer relationship. “In most cases the client is silenced as a lamb”, as Navjot Sidhu said Pannu.

Punjab NRI’s, especially from Amritsar and Gurdaspur, strongly feel “BJP betrayed Navjot Sidhu”, who was very vocal about ‘Guru Ki Nagari”, a slogan he is famous for among NRI Supporters. Gurmail Sandhu  predicts  ‘Arun Jaitley will loose to Navjot Sidhu’s Ghost”, as everyone knows Jaitley was sucked into the ego clash of “Sukhbir Badal and Navjot Sidhu”, whom they considered as younger brother, only a fews months ago, during the State Assembly Elections.

Parminder Kahlon of Chicago sent a request to Navjot Sidhu : Dear Navjot Sidhu, You had always put Amritsar “Guru Ki Nagar”, above all human relations, including Bikram Majithia and Sukhbir Badal, let alone BJP MLA’s from Amritsar, we loved your guts and were hoping to send you back Victorious, to do something about stalled projects in Amritsar. Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, were intimidated by your courage and vocabulary, feeling a challenge to SGPC Head Office in Amritsar and a challenge to the Chief Minister’s post in Punjab. We clearly remember you campaigning for BJP-SAD, to win them 9 Seats in Amritsar District, but they betrayed you and will pay for their mistakes. Arun Jaitley may be a leading lawyer and BJP Leader, but your Ghost will come to haunt him as we will not Vote for him and will ask the rural Punjab, to reject Jaitley as an outsider.

You mentioned he is your Guru, but nobody can take the place of ‘Guru Ki Nagari”, responsibility, you had vowed and pledged a thousand times. Is this Jaitley guru more higher than your “Guru Ki Nagari”, or have you sold your conscious to your lawyer who saved you from your conviction ?.

Please answer our questions honestly and tell us how and why did you not object to his candidacy ? At this point not only BJP and Akali Dal betrayed you, if you keep mum the “Guru KI Nagari”, too will betray you, for keeping silent, on its defence.

Ajay Soni of Vancouver  a classmate of Navjot Sidhu, who knows him well, claimed “This is the worst period of Sidhu’s life, he needs to be himself and contest as an Independent candidate from Amritsar, to bring peace to his mind and his people”, or he will play havoc somewhere and sometime. ‘Badals will have to pay a heavy price of stalling Sidhu, in next State Elections”, said Soni.

Ravi Thapar of Amritsar Foundation Canada, termed “Arun Jaitley is a mean Opportunist who extracted a price from Sidhu’s as his defence lawyer”, people will never vote for him, he should get the same treatment as Kiron Kher of BJP got in Chandigarh.

Navjot Sidhu trounced seven-time Congress MP R.L.Bhatia, but Congress leaders are happy on Jaitley’s nomination, who they can defeat, rather than the un-defeatable Sidhu, said PPCC Secretary, on condition of anonymity.

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