Arrow Flick: Shoot straight. Or be lame.

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New archery game for iOS and Android features 150 rounds of big-time hunting — and heckling

KANSAS CITY, MO-Arrow Flick — a one-finger archery game from PocketCake, the makers of the popular mobile game LavaCat — is now available for iOS and Android devices.

What if you could have the excitement of bowhunting at your fingertips whenever you want? What if you didn’t need to drive to a remote spot, climb into your tree stand and wait and wait and wait?

In Arrow Flick, players are given five arrows per round, which are strategically flung at standing targets, prowling animals and dangling fruit. Gameplay unfolds in one of two landscapes, savanna or forest. The savanna is populated by lions, crocodiles and rhinos, while the forest is home to deer, bears and rabbits. Players are awarded points and special achievements (93 for iOS; 183 for Android) for hits, kill shots, bull’s eyes, headshots, tricks, even misses. If players stray too far from the mark, they can earn such achievements as stumblebum, klutz or spazoid. Ace their marks, however, and they may be deemed the next Robin Hood.

Arrow Flick includes three game modes (easy, normal, high wind challenge), each with 50 rounds. As the rounds or game modes advance, the winds become stronger, the animals’ kill zones smaller and their tendency to get spooked greater. Steadiness with the bow is harder and harder to maintain.

Accompanying players in their challenge is a musical score that’s heavy on silly sound effects and nature sounds – birds singing, winds moaning, animals shuffling across the landscape. Players can hear the tautness of the string as its pulled back, the twang of the arrow’s release and the thud when it strikes its target. When an animal is killed, it cries with agony. Every headshot to a standing target is followed by a bloodcurdling yowl.

Arrow Flick includes three easy rounds and three normal rounds for free. A full version of the game costs $.99. To aid players in their quest, they can buy quivers that hold 10, 15 or 20 arrows or buy arrows that improve their ability to aim or steer. They can also earn badges to retry a round.

PocketCake’s first game, LavaCat which launched on Android in late July and iOS, Facebook and Ouya in late September has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. It is the first mobile game allowing players to rewind time.


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