Ancient Egypt Comes to Life in New Sci-Fi Thriller from Allen Pollens

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“THE LOST PHARAOH – Sobek II” is author Allen Pollens’ ninth published book and sixth in the science fiction-fantasy genre.  “Pharaoh” treats the reader to an exciting adventure set in Egypt and traversing the full length of the Nile.

A visit to Philadelphia Art Museum’s Tutankhamen display changes everything for Dr. Alberto Rodriguez.  A professor of archeology at Jess Hawkins University, he is familiar with Howard Carter’s 1922 discovery of Tut’s tomb.  His own participations in excavations in New Mexico and Arizona were worthy endeavors but trivial when measured against Carter’s achievements.  Alberto tells himself that emulating Carter and trying to make an equally significant discovery is foolish.  He stifles the obsession, but it bursts to the surface when Alberto comes upon rumors of another lost Pharaoh in Egypt.  Alberto looks for a way to respond.  Finally, throwing  all caution to the wind, he draws his closest friends into an undisclosed escapade that satisfies his ambition.  There will be hardships and danger, but so what?  When ancient Egypt calls, it is time to act.

 “The Lost Pharaoh – Sobek II” exceeds 80,000 words, runs more than 400 pages and has more than 80 illustrations.  Buy it at in paperback , $15.99, ( or Kindle, $6.99, (

This is author Allen Pollens’ Sixth science fiction-fantasy offering in two years and one of nine books he has published.  Pollens other sci-fi-fantasy offerings include:  “ALTERNATIVE LIVES – To Sleep, Perchance to Dream … Another Life,” “CONJUROR – Living the Tale,” “CREATOR – Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Epic, Earth’s Human Behavior Confronted,” “CREATOR II Human Behavior Explored” and “SUPERHERO –Chronicles of Blue Knight Adventures.”

Retired from careers in software/hardware design, and high tech sales and marketing, Pollens has been telling stories his whole life.  The stories he wrote for his grandchildren became the basis for “BOFFO BUTTERPHANT – Small Creature Adventures,”  “STARFISH CHRONICLES – Undersea Adventures with Sammy Starfish.”  He also turned the journal he kept on his European vacation into “Al’s London and Dublin Holiday,” published in full color, with ninety photos.

For more about “The Lost Pharaoh” and Al’s other books, contact Allen Pollens at 503-407-2850 (cell), via email at either or  Also visit website http:/

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