AIR INDIA Kanishka -CANADA -reopening request by Indian Overseas Congress

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PRESS RELEASE: Toronto (7/04/2013)- Canada Day was celebrated by Indian Overseas Congress, in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver with local Associations and make pledges to their New adopted Nation. Major concerns were discussed by Indo-Canadians on the latest comments of Human Rights Lawyer of Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr. Rajvinder Singh Bains, of their evidence and information, denied to be heard by AIR INDIA Investigation Commission, Chairman Justice John Major, (Retired) of the Canada Supreme Court.

Mr. Bains interview in Surrey B.C., on local T.V. and Radio Stations ” Conspiracy of Air India Flight 182-Interview, Rajvinder Singh Bains”, on google, has been discussed on over 100 T.V.Stations in India and Canada. Mrs. Bhinder and Mr. Anil Hanse, surviving members of Captain A.S.Bhinder and Co-Pilot Hanse, had at many occasions referred , to the same evidence, which has failed to provide any sentence or accountability in the KANISHKA , act of terror, since 1985.

Indian Overseas Congress President, Vikram Bajwa, after consulting with a panel of retired Judges of the  Supreme Court of India and Leading Human Rights Lawyers, here in Canada, wish to request Justice John Major, to Re-open the ” Kanishka Investigation”, to hear the new evidence and do justice to the families of the tragedy.

Justice John Major on his last visit to India with Vikram Bajwa, had shared his grief with the AIR INDIA, crew , relatives, in New Delhi and Mumbai, who also had the same hope of looking for Justice and answers to their questions, wrapped around in the waters of the ocean, with sounds of lost seas.

” All evidence should be heard and guilty should be punished” said son Anil Hanse of Co-Pilot, from Australia. Mrs. Bhinder says ” everymorning I pray and do “Ardas”, for my peace, in New Delhi and Chandigarh”

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