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Kanishka Memorial, Humber Park, Toronto. Kelly Stevens. Air India Flight 182, was blown up by a bomb at an altitude of 31,000 feet, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, while in Irish space. A total of 329 people were killed, including 268 Canadians, 27 British citizens and 24 Indians. “This was an act of retribution, on the attack of Golden Temple, Operation Blue Star, by the Indian Army”, said Chairman of Air India Commission, Justice John Major, while holding a Press Conference in Chandigarh, Punjab India. Justice John Major’s findings, have still not been implemented, after spending $ 130 Million on the Investigation.


Prime Minister Stephan Harper announced the  Kanishka Project, on counter terrorism with additional seed money of $ 10 Million dollars. Canada Government offered Compensation of $ 25,000, to each victims families, which was denied by many as disrespect to the “Martyr’s of Air India Kanishka”. Every year Honourable Minister of Public Safety, holds a “Air India Families Event”, to show compassion and share the grief of the families. This year the Registration is open for Kanishka Project,, for the families of victims of Air India 182, to be held in Toronto on February 22, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel, with keynote address from Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Mr. Steven Blaney and families, residing in Toronto. The Canada Government is paying $ 750 for domestic travel and upto $ 1,500 for International travel for victims family members. In addition, they will provide financial support for reasonable accommodation costs, an invitation sent by Paul MacKinnon, Assistant Deputy Minister, of Public Safety Canada.


 Majority of the victims families, including Ms. Suman Arora, have been regular to these events for the last 21 meetings, where they share their feelings and offer condolences to each other, but when the Government, did not implement the Justice John Major report in its entirety, especially in terms of a fair compensations, it has just become another branch of the Government to “waste Taxpayers money”, says Air India Co-Pilot Narendra Singh Hanse’s son Anil Singh Hanse. ” Just like the Chinese Head Tax compensation, we will also have to wait another 100 Years, for the Canada Government, to realize the value of brown India, Canadian Citizens, who lost their lives in the Atlantic, ICBC Claims in car accidents have more compensations, than this terror attack, which was covered by the Air India and Air disaster Insurance, to grant $ 1 Million dollars, compensation, to each victim”. I have decided it to protest the 22nd Families event and plan to Boycott it, with demands of a meeting with Prime Minister Stephan Harper, on the matter”, declared Anil Singh Hanse.


Baljit Singh Grewal family victim from Vancouver, describes it as a “Racial unjustice”, for the Air India Victims, citing reasons from two books, been published on Air India Kanishka , tragedy. Indian Overseas Congress, President Vikram Bajwa, who accompanied Justice John Major to India in May 2011, has pleaded with the Minister Steven Blaney, to return the wreckage of Air India Kanishka 182, which is being stored in a secret location in Vancouver, since 1983 to New Delhi, India, so we can initiate a “Kanishka Memorial”, in New Delhi, India. ” Non Resident Indians,Indo-Canadians and Chinese Canadians have become a political tool in Harper’s Canadian Politics, in regards to Kanishka and Khalistan or head tax”, said Liberal Sarbjit Cheema

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