Addgene Receives the 2013 Excellence in Innovation Award

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PRESS RELEASE (June 12, 2013) – Addgene,Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received the 2013 Excellence in Innovation Award at the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Award ceremonies this week. Over 170 different companies and individuals were nominated in seven different categories for the 2013 competition. Addgene was recognized for its success at implementing a unique and financially self-sustaining model for material sharing in the research community. 

“Massachusetts is a center of innovation in both biotechnology and nonprofit models,” said Dr. Joanne Kamens, Executive Director of Addgene. “Massachusetts was the first state to have an official Nonprofit Awareness Day demonstrating our local dedication to social entrepreneurship and innovation. We are delighted to have received this honor which recognizes both the creativity of its founders and the success that has resulted from the dedicated work of the entire team at Addgene.”

Addgene facilitates scientific discoveries by operating a plasmid library for researchers. Plasmids are DNA-based materials that are commonly used in the life sciences, and exchange of these materials is important for advancing research in a wide variety of disciplines, including cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disorders.  

Currently over 25,000 plasmids are stored in the Addgene repository from more than 1,500 contributing laboratories around the world. Over 8,000 samples are distributed each month. The company’s unique approach has increased scientific collaboration and is a financially self-sustaining model. Addgene continues to expand its reach and to receive strong support from its growing community of scientist depositors and requestors.

Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN) is an organization that is dedicated to promoting the efforts of Massachusetts-based nonprofits. The group was founded in 2007 and organizes events and public policy initiatives to support the work of its members.

Excellence Award winners were announced at the 2013 Nonprofit Awareness Day ceremonies. Nonprofit, corporate, and elected leaders gathered at the Massachusetts State House on June 10th to celebrate and honor nonprofits from across the state. The list of the 2013 winners can be found on the MNN website.

About Addgene

Addgene is a 501(c)3 nonprofit biorepository dedicated to facilitating scientific discoveries by operating a plasmid library for researchers. Plasmids are DNA-based research reagents commonly used in the life sciences.  Scientists need to share these reagents to collaborate and build upon the work of their colleagues. Addgene has worked with over 1,500 laboratories to assemble its current collection of 25,000 plasmids, and continues to solicit new deposits. Plasmids have been distributed to over 60 different countries and over 8,000 plasmids are shipped each month. By authenticating, storing, archiving and distributing plasmids and their associated data, Addgene is creating a lasting resource for research and discovery scientists around the world.  

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