Acclaimed Story of Rejection, Abandonment, Abuse, Survival and Success Inspires Women Across the World

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Acclaimed story of rejection, abandonment, abuse, survival and success inspires women across the world

“The Cuckoo’s Egg” an extraordinary and international award-winning book by local author Anna Morten (Finalist – 2011 International Book Awards & Nomination – 2012 Readers Favourite Award) is resonating with women around the world and in Australia. 

“The Cuckoo’s Egg” tells the story of Emma, a young woman born into the chaos of post war East Germany. Despite facing rejection, abandonment, sexual abuse, life threatening illness, poverty and the stifling restrictions of an Islamic marriage from which she masterminding a daring escape, she still manages to reach her goals and achieve success and recognition.

By confronting every imaginable adversity and setback head-on, Emma proves that anything is possible through sheer hard work, focus and determination. This incredible story has inspired countless women to find their own inner strength, with many readers from all over the world writing that Emma’s resilience and courage have had a deep impact on their lives.

Hailed for its honest ‘warts and all’ portrayal of what is an exceptionally challenging life journey, the book is based on true events, making the story all the more inspiring in the overarching positive messages it presents to women. “The Cuckoo’s Egg” draws readers into the inner psyche of Emma as she goes through the worst and very best of life.

“The book demonstrates that adversity and setbacks shape us into who we become. There is strength in learning through the experiences of others and if my book can help people, especially women, break through issues that appear insurmountable, then my intention has achieved its purpose – no matter how confronting,” explains the author. “Hundreds of women from all around the world have written to say that Emma’s story inspired them to be courageous and true to themselves.”

“This book touched me personally,” says reader Sarah Friendship. “When I first read it, I was going through a bad relationship break up and my mum had just died after 14 years of illness, and “The Cuckoo’s Egg” helped me make sense of all that. The philosophy the book introduced me to and the way Emma lived her life really inspired me and helped me to not only overcome my personal pain but to discover some purpose. A career woman and part-time property investor, I now use the lessons and spiritual principles I learnt from the book in my everyday life – they have given me a strong sense of purpose, freedom and peace.”

Emma’s turbulent relationship with her mother in particular hit home with Sharleen Dowling, another fan of Ms Morten’s books. She says that the story helped her overcome long-term resentments she was harbouring as a result of her own upbringing. “The book did bring up issues from my past,” says Ms Dowling. “At one stage I had to actually put the book down because I just couldn’t stop crying. But it was exactly what I needed because it forced me to re-evaluate how I had handled those issues and the people involved, and taught me to let go of my hatred and to forgive what had happened.”

Fellow reader Kylie Walker stated, “The Cuckoo’s Egg” made me realise that you can’t blame others for your problems but have to understand that while a person may not have given you the childhood you wanted or the life experiences you wished for, they still did the best they could at the time.”

Demonstrating that everything happens for a reason and has an important purpose, the protagonist is not only proving to be a strong heroine but a positive role model to all women, with Ms Walker stating that it was due to Emma’s conviction and confidence that she finally found the courage to start her own business. “My biggest challenge has always been believing in myself,” she says. “I’ve wanted to go into business for myself for a very long time but I always held myself back because I thought I wouldn’t be good enough. Reading Emma’s story has given me the confidence to pursue my dream and I’m so grateful for that.”

“There are millions of people out there who are unhappy with their lives but too scared to make the necessary changes and pursue what they really want,” states the author. “Emma doesn’t make excuses. She is prepared to change and isn’t afraid to deal with the consequences. It is this mentality that is incredibly important to anyone’s personal growth and progress.”

Set to also become a major motion picture, this amazing book is already inspiring countless women to find their own inner strength, many of them stating that the story of Emma’s resilience and the application of the spiritual principles suggested in the book have had a deep impact on their lives.

Writing for over 15 years, “The Cuckoo’s Egg” is part of Anna Morten’s ongoing commitment to help others find meaning, happiness and strength of spirit in their own lives. She says she purposely wrote “The Cuckoo’s Egg” to make readers aware of the importance of realising their own potential and to encourage them to follow their dreams. She is overjoyed to see that many readers are doing just that and is currently working on the sequel “The Power Of Dreams”. 

“The Cuckoo’s Egg” is published by Eloquent Books, New York, and available for purchase online at or via Ms Morten’s website

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