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Press Release: AZ (9/27/2013) – Olivia Hope is the author of a compelling and riveting book titled,


This compelling and noteworthy autobiography is about a Christian girl of Jewish heritage and her terrifying, yet divinely protected, and guided childhood in Nazi-ravaged World War II Germany 1939-1945, and during the Berlin Airlift 1948-1949. It describes an unenviable life of survival. While the story reads like fiction, it really happened to a living, breathing human being in the 20th century. It provides an intimate look into the inner consciousness of a traumatized child’s mind and her ensuing journey to adulthood. During a bomb attack, Olivia’s pregnant mother covered her four children with her body, pleading with God to spare their lives. It was then when Olivia’s search to touch the face of God began.

The heroism and generosity of Americans inspired her faith. This true and spellbinding story has raw, vivid imagery. It is a tribute to the leaders of the United States of America and the compassionate American people who came to the rescue of suffering Berlin citizens after the War. From the Shadows into the Light provides a snapshot of why America is called the greatest nation on earth, exemplified by its profound humanity.

In this book, Olivia thanks the noble spirit of America‘s citizens and the heroes of World War II who saved her family. She speaks about the impact the Berlin Airlift had during the Berlin Blockade of 1948–1949. Berlin was in ashes, industry in shambles, and unemployment high. The Russians had blocked all entrances to and from the city to prevent deliveries of food and supplies to overtake the city. Olivia gives a first-hand description of how her family was starving and freezing. During these darkest hours, America’s General Clay created a daring plan to rescue the citizens of Berlin, later affirmed by President Truman. Regretfully, many heroes died during the dangerous airlift in accidents, but America, Great Britain, and France forged forward without hesitation to save Berlin. The Berlin Airlift heroes did not fire one shot. They saved Europe from World War III, and Berlin’s families survived to raise new generations. The American people provided food and clothing in the first CARE® packages. America’s military and Allies saved over two million Berlin citizens during the Berlin Airlift. The American and German Red Cross worked hand in hand to ensure the supplies flown in were distributed. From the Shadows into the Light depicts this spectacular sight: airplane after airplane flying nose to nose through a narrow air corridor over the city of Berlin for over a year, bringing food and supplies to the people, while the enemy watched from their air corridor nearby. The children waved from below, welcoming the heroes who brought hope. Olivia states, “After 65 years it still brings tears to my eyes,” recalling this spectacular sight. One American pilot, Lt. Gail S. Halvorsen, met a group of children watching airplanes through the barbed wire fence at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. He promised them he would wiggle his wings before landing, so they could identify him, and toss candy out. Soon, thousands of tiny candy parachutes were tossed from the sky by America’s heroes. This became the famous Candy Drop, and Col. Halvorsen was named the beloved Chocolate Uncle. It forged a bond of goodwill between the former enemies, and his act of kindness and compassion is carved forever on the hearts and minds of every citizen of Berlin. Col. Halvorsen USAF (Ret.) wrote the Foreword to this book and shared the story of his life. This remarkable human being defined humanity for Olivia for the rest of her life.

Olivia states, “America’s greatest humanitarian intervention in history should never be forgotten. I encourage educators to include a detailed curriculum in textbooks in schools across the nation, so that future generations will remember our heroes. I would like legislators to approve that the Berlin Airlift event be included on all calendars. I call on the global community to prevent wars to avoid suffering and loss of life. Can you imagine a world where children’s laughter and joy echoes from continent to continent in a world of peace?” Olivia’s search “ to touch the face of God” is a compelling first-hand account of the impacts of war and generosity on children and families. Berlin Airlift and World War II heroes also contributed their moving stories to the book. This inspirational story is about the human spirit in action, of hope, love, and the celebration of life. It is a tribute to the United States of America, and its remarkable citizens.

Olivia’s search to “touch the face of God” is unparalleled in the inspiring conclusion. 

This book is written under a pen name. The author has written previously 3 books.

About the Author 

Olivia Hope was born in West Berlin, Germany, the third of six siblings. She became a naturalized citizen of the United States in 1970. Sustained by the gift of faith Olivia committed herself to human service work, and her passion celebrating the spirit of America. As a business owner she sponsored uncountable community programs as her way of giving back to America for saving her life.

For over 30 years Olivia has made presentations to celebrate the spirit of humanity.

With this book, Olivia has come full circle, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit. She encourages people everywhere, of all beliefs, and cultures, to make a caring difference for the betterment of all humankind, where the voices of children matter, and the global community joins hearts and minds, respecting and honoring the sanctity of life. 

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