A New Book Unravels Nokia’s Smartphone Resurrection

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Tech journalist chronicles the mobile giant’s smartphone debacle, and how Stephen Elop is attempting to rescue the troubled wireless icon

PRESS RELEASE: SUPERIOR, Mich. – Is Nokia the next Kodak? What happened to one of the most celebrated corporate champions from tiny Finland? After Nokia had conquered the handset world in the 1990s, the Finnish company stood poised to extend its dominance of the mobile industry to the smartphone gold. If you find yourself wondering why Nokia reached at a crossroads, read Nokia’s Smartphone Problem (ISBN 1482091232) to find out how a comedy of errors took one of the world’s most global companies to a near-death experience.  

The book chronicles the firm’s lost decade in which the venerable handset champion became an also-ran in an industry that it sowed with its own hands. While tracing every misstep by the Finnish titan and its corporate leaders, Nokia’s Smartphone Problem presents behind-the-scene revelations and entertaining anecdotes about Nokia’s strategic blunders. Next, the book examines Nokia’s product and strategy roadmaps and attempts to present a clear picture of how the Finnish firm is trying to reinvigorate itself. For instance, it takes a microscopic look at Nokia’s Lumia and mapping initiatives, and how it’s trying to reinvent feature phones.

The book ostensibly charts the blueprint of Nokia’s turnaround plan and contemplates how the “future Nokia” might look like. A detailed treatment of Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft is another prominent highlight of the book. Nokia’s Smartphone Problem documents the captivating history of Symbian and MeeGo mobile platforms and whether Nokia’s bet on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform will work out or not. It’s a groundbreaking book that delves in the past, present, and future of Nokia and smartphone business at large to find all the pertinent answers regarding smartphone product development cycle.

Nokia’s Smartphone Problem tells one of the most riveting and important business stories of our time. The book also provides an intimate account of smartphone industry’s basic building blocks like hardware, operating systems, apps and ecosystems. Anyone trying to prosper in the mobile world—app developers, tech entrepreneurs, or managers in IT, telecom, electronics or retail—should read this detailed and well researched account to grasp the wider implications of the smartphone business.  

The Nokia story is engulfed in a plethora of misconceptions. A lot of information about the flailing handset maker is cluttered and a number of facts are not in place. Nokia’s Smartphone Problem aspires to clear the air, develop a comprehensible picture, and thus set the record straight. Nokia is no more the master of the mobile game, but it is still an important company. The book digs deep into Nokia’s heritage, strategy blunders, major stumbling blocks, and bailout efforts.

The author mixes his professional experience as a journalistic storyteller with the views of a technology industry insider. He hopes his ability to communicate technology concepts in an easy-to-understand way allows non-technical readers to fully understand Nokia’s dilemma. This is his third book on smartphones. His first two book titles are “Smartphone: Mobile Revolution at the Crossroads of Communications, Computing and Consumer Electronics” and Business Untethered: Smartphone and the Revival of Mobile Commerce”.

“Nokia’s Smartphone Problem” is available for sale both in paperback and e-book formats at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other channels.

About the Author:
Majeed Ahmad has been a technology and trade journalist for more than 17 years. He is the former editor-in-chief of EE Times Asia, a sister publication of EE Times. For EE Times Asia, Ahmad also wrote the “Net Effect” column, which covered convergence among various facets of the electronics world. As editor-in-chief at Global Sources, a Hong Kong-based business-to-business publishing house, Ahmad also spearheaded titles relating to consumer electronics, computers and telecommunication. He can be reached at majeed@smartphoneworld.me or @majeedkamran. 


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