$200 million in savings for Ontario drivers

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LIGHTNING RELEASES: Best  Buy  Insurance , February 14, Ajax , Ont.—- Reveals the hidden saving is in auto insurance, and it’s just waiting –surprisingly many of the  1.3 million eligible drivers are still unaware of the discount  they can  claim.  

One of Ontario’s largest auto insurers with over 1.3 million customers, is offering a  10% discount to most of their automobile insurance customers. This works out to a whopping  reduction totaling near $200 million (which almost  one in  7 drivers in  the  province  can share) . It’s guaranteed and best of all, it’s immediate.

Even If the consumer has already paid for their insurance, or it does not renew for several months, they can enjoy the savings immediately. If they’re already with  this  leading  insurer  they do not even have to switch insurance companies, policy number or banking details.

Here’s how it works…

The customer places a tiny electronic device fitted in their vehicle. It monitors three things:

  1. The time of day that the vehicle is driven
  2. Excessive or aggressive acceleration
  3. Hard or excessive braking

The consumer has nothing to worry about – the insurer guarantees that their auto insurance will NOT go up. They get their 10% discount immediately. In fact, if they continue to drive well they can qualify for another 15% off their auto insurance bill! That could mean savings of up to $400 per insured vehicle per year (based upon average insurance premiums).

Kip Van Kempen, owner of Best Buy Insurance, let us in on this latest move by this  leading  insurer . He calls it “the best-kept money-saving secret in auto insurance in years.” This is not a scam or some sort of fictitious savings – it has all been approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).

The 10% reduction  is immediate but drivers need to enroll immediately to get the maximum savings.

The insurer  has asked we  do  not release  their  name  here  but policyholders ( regardless of  who  their  current  broker is) are encouraged to contact Best Buy Insurance to learn which  insurer is offering this discount  and to  enroll, and  learn the  best way  to  maximize  their  discount. .. The earlier they enroll, faster the savings begin.

For more information contact:

Kip Van Kempen, FCIP, CCIB

905-683-3110 ext 223


Gillian Van Kempen, FCIP, CRM, CAIB

905-683-3110 ext 222



wwww.bestbuyinsurance.ca    905-683-3110




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