12 Top Experts take on Power Grid Challenges at Canadian Conference

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CALGARY, Alberta, Canada, September 12-13th, 2013 – TJH2b Analytical Services announces it will present TechCon Canada 2013 Conference and Expo at The Westin Hotel in Calgary on September 12-13th, 2013. The goal is to give local utility companies, engineering firms in the area and from around the world, the opportunity to learn from top experts in the field, solutions to critical issues surrounding power grid maintenance and management strategies.

There is a critical need for new solutions designed to manage risk and maintain a safe and reliable power grid. The 2nd Annual TechCon Canada 2013 consists of a two day conference to address these challenges utilizing 12 expert presenters focusing on topics that cover critical aspects of substation maintenance. In addition, delegates will have direct access to presenters, exhibitors, industry networking opportunities and SAIT Polytechnic (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) tour. TJH2b Analytical Services once again welcomes Professor Dennis Allen as Chairman for the conference.

Brian Adams, newly appointed Program Administrator of  TechCon® and Marketing Director of TJH2b Analytical Services, says, “We recognize that there is an enormous demand for this type of program. Explosive growth, significant shortages of skilled labor, an aging workforce, the need for maintaining an aging power grid infrastructure and access to the best solutions present a significant challenge to the power industry.” Each topic has been carefully selected for the region by the International TechCon® Papers Review Committee. Utilities, electrical engineers, asset managers, service providers, and utility maintenance specialists will benefit from “in the trench”, hands-on learning from top experts.

 “We feel that by providing the expertise, and a collaborative educational environment we can achieve our goals for attendees,” said Adams. “We are excited to be in Calgary because of the progressive nature of the city and rapid expansion in the area.”

Delegates can learn more online at  http://www.techcon.info/techconcanada2013 or

register for the conference at http://regonline.com/techconcanada2013.

Randy Williams, Utility Marketing Manager of ABB and longtime presenter and exhibitor at Techcon® Worldwide Conferences says, “Working for Westinghouse and ABB for the last 30 plus years in the electrical utility arena, I have learned that people do business with people and relationships, along with good communication, are critical for both vendors and end-users to be successful. TJH2b Analytical Services’ Techcon® Worldwide Conferences provides a great professional, casual, and comfortable atmosphere for professionals in our industry to build upon relationships, share knowledge through technical presentations/papers and the commercial exposition.”

About TJH2b Analytical Services

TJH2b Analytical Services is the world’s largest group of independent testing labs for oil, SF6 gas and other insulating material used in high voltage equipment condition assessment. TJH2b Analytical Services produce TechCon® Worldwide Conferences and Expos as annual events devoted to the discussion of technology development and solutions which improve key high voltage maintenance programs and asset management strategies for the aging electrical power grid infrastructure. TechCon® Worldwide is proud to celebrate 19 years. Other conferences include Euro TechCon, TechCon Asia Pacific and TechCon North America which have brought in delegates from more than 60 countries.

TJH2b Analytical Services is the industry leader in the development and application of condition-based maintenance (CBM) programs for electric utilities, industrial high voltage power suppliers, and/or service companies using innovative technologies to test and analyze oil, gas and other insulating material to determine equipment conditions.

For more information visit us at: www.tjh2b.com 

Brian Adams

TechCon Worldwide

 Program Administrator

 Office: 916-361-7177


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