11 & 13 Year Old Siblings Launch Anti-Exclusionary Clothing Line in Response to Abercrombie & Fitch’s Size Exclusion Policy

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PRESS RELEASE (7/11/2013)- Siblings Meghan (13) and James Coleson (11) are probably Virginia’s youngest CEOs. They were shocked at the controversial remarks recently brought to light about clothing store policies that limited its sizes in order to appeal only to “cool, good looking people.” These self-proclaimed “exclusionary” policies inspired them to boycott this brand and create their own clothing line, XLudingNoOne. They hope to embrace people of all sizes and ages, asserting that beauty is never defined by a number.

Public backlash against this exclusive brand began in the form of boycotting stores, online petitions, and donating these particular clothes to the homeless. Meghan and James wanted to go a step further and create a new brand in which diversity, independence, and inclusion were embraced instead of shunned. They want to prove that it is not just a brand that sells–but also the philosophy and people behind it. 

“A lot of people don’t belong [in our clothes], and they can’t belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.” This sentiment shared by the CEO of a popular clothing company is certainly not new, but it is a stark reminder of how societal norms are reinforced. Meghan and James are no strangers to this type of exclusion, they ran an anti-bullying campaign just a few years back. As the school year ended, they immediately brought their focus to XLudingNoOne, a company they hope will facilitate in their anti-bullying efforts. They want to reach out globally and demonstrate that being “cool and attractive” is not limited to a certain size, but rather shaped by attitude. “Everybody deserves the same respect,” they stress, “regardless of what our differences may be.” 

Meghan and James (with assistance from their dad), filed corporate documents, filed Trademark applications, bought websites, established vendors, linked bank accounts, started visiting suppliers, and creating buzz on social media. They are offering 4 separate $250 gift cards for back to school shopping for the best XLudingNoOne sign emailed in to their website. Contest ends July 31. 

“We are slowly adding new logos and designs. Last week we were able to give our first donation to a swim program that includes everyone,” said James. 

XLudingNoOne is a clothing brand that aims to create a dialogue with the public about healthy body image and acceptance. It crosses international borders emphasizing their message of anti-bullying and inclusiveness..a message they hope is fully embraced by children and parents alike. 

Meghan and James are actively looking to partner with other firms to spread the message of inclusion and to compete against the discriminatory position of powerhouse Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F). They would like to see A&F add larger sizes but do not believe that will happen. When asked by a reporter in Richmond, VA if XLudingNoOne would work with A&F if approached, Meghan said “only if they change their size policy” James said “I’d rather work with Under Amour or someone responsible like them…they work with Wounded Warrior Project,” he added. “This has become a modern day David vs. Goliath said their dad, unfortunately we have significantly less money, power, and exposure than A&F so we have to rely on our Global family to support the XLudingNoOne brand and philosophy” 

You can visit XLudingNoOne at http://www.xludingnoone.com

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