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Have you ever seen those late night television commercials about getting your idea of patented? There seems to be a whole lot of people who want to help other people with their inventions. The reason is rather simple. They charge a premium to help market, and to help you get your item to the patent office. It sounds rather simple, but do you need to use one of these services to market your invention?

As is the case with most government entities the US patent office is available for anyone to make an application without having legal representation. That means if you have an invention that you want to secure a patent for you can make and submit the application yourself. Sounds rather simple correct?

Anytime that you are dealing with government bureaucracy you can expect unnecessary complications and red tape. Submitting a patent application requires meticulous documentation. The patent process generally is completed in 12 to 18 months provided you have followed the directions to the letter. That is where the problem begins for most people. Most applications for patents are returned on the first attempt. That is not to say that your invention is not worthy of a patent, it is probably because he failed to follow the directions for the application.

Many people avoid all these issues in hire a patent attorney. Patent attorneys are familiar with the entire process of securing a patent and can save you time and frustration in completing the process for you. How much does it cost to get a patent ? Obviously, that is dependent on the attorney that you choose. In most cases the cost of that attorney is worth it. The United States patent office takes great pains to ensure that patents are not duplicated. That in and of itself generally creates a logjam of application waiting to be approved.

Getting a patent may seem like a hopeless situation when you first begin. It is for your protection and the protection of others that the process be so involved. If indeed you have an invention that warrants being patented, do not answer the ads of a nighttime television spot. Check first and see how much a patent lawyer cost. In the long run you will be glad you did.

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