Are You Insurance Rich And Dollar Poor

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insurance poorIf you are like most people you probably have had your fill of paying insurance premiums. It seems like every time you turn around there is a different premium to and the most frustrating thing is it most of the time you never file a claim. Perhaps that’s overstating it a little bit, however, how do you control the cost of insurance in your household?

Before we go much further let’s agree on the fact that in order to protect ourselves, our families, and our property we will need to carry insurance coverage. There are those who live without it and there are those who play Russian roulette with various coverages, but at the end of the day responsible people need to be covered with insurance.

Car insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance are the three major insurance necessities in everyone’s life. Finding affordable insurance coverage is an ongoing process. For example, your car insurance may be fine for a year or two but then you get that notice in the mail that says your premiums are going up 25%.

You didn’t have an accident, you didn’t get a ticket, but you are the victim of insurance inflation. What can you do? Don’t be afraid to shop your policy around. Insurance companies are extremely competitive and will undercut the premiums of competitors very quickly, and you can reap the rewards. We know of two companies who will bid against each other once a year just to keep the business.

The same can be said about homeowners insurance and health insurance. You will be in a constant battle to keep premiums down to affordable levels.

Life insurance is a luxury coverage for many people these days. Finding an affordable life insurance rate it easy if you’re young and healthy. However, once you past 40 years old and you have a health history affordable coverages are not as plentiful. For those who are married or have children caring life insurance guarantees that your loved ones will be provided for should something happen to you.

The idea with health insurance is much like any other insurance as we have discussed. You must be willing to spend the time to shop for affordable premiums into play various insurance companies against one another in order to get the best rates.

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