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October 2008 unemployment rates hit 6.5%. At the time many economic experts were  predicting a rate of eight percentin the next few months. Looks like they were a little low on their estimates. Many reading this article will be without  jobs and in an instant you will be forced to make a career change and a life change.

Being unemployed is a significant event in ones life. Being unable to pay your bills causes stress and anxiety. It also has a paralyzing effect on your motivation. After the initial shock of being laid off, you need to make something happen.

Prepare yourself t be retrained in another field as the likelihood of becoming employed in your career field may be limited. Many professions transfer over to new fields. If you are a business manger in a tech firm, you can become a business manager in a heath care facility.

Hopefully you have been saving for this occurrence by saving money regularly. If not you are going to have to make something happen right away. Check out community colleges and see if you can take your present skill set and transfer to a new career. So many people fell trapped in this situation and you need not feel this way. The demand for quality, skilled personnel is going to work to your advantage, it will just take time.

You may have to settle for something temporarily to provide an income for your family. There is nothing wrong with that, but keep your eyes on your goal.

Financial stress can ruin the best of marriages and relationships. Try to commit to one another that as a team you will see your way through this time. This requires daily encouragement and affirmation. Stay the course as you seek new opportunities for employment. You are not the first person to become unemployed and you will not be the last

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