Home Buyers Are Increasing , Who Will Take The Credit

Homebuyers in The United States increased in April by 6.7 percent, the largest gain in almost 8 years. It was the biggest monthly jump since October 2001, when pending sales rose 9.2 percent, and so the sales job continues. Things are better and these numbers prove it or so they would have you believe. The […]

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The Bankruptcy of General Motors

President Obama forced General Motors Corp. into bankruptcy on Monday and said the federal government will act as “reluctant shareholder” when it assumes a 60 percent ownership of the smaller car maker that emerges. So not only has the United States government given bailout billions to private industry to prepare the former auto industry giant […]

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Economy Not Quite Ready For Recovery

Tough times? You bet! I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected by the down turn in the global economy. People who can’t make their mortgage payments, pay their credit card debts, and those still managing to get by through the use of retirement savings and other fiscally responsible actions are all feeling the pain […]

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