Blast Chiller and Freezer Makes a Business More Cost Effective

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blast chillerFor Pastry Chefs, Bakeries and Confectioners having a blaster chiller and shock freezer helps prepare desserts, breads and other ítems easier and quicker.

Whether you own your won bakery are a pastry chef or any other confectioner, professionalism and passion are the center of you work.

Having a blast chiller and shock freezer will help to enhance the creations you make and cut down on production costs, while reducing waste.

There are many places to find a blast freezer for sale either new or used, but it pays to do research before investing hard-earned money into such an important part of your business.

Having a blast chiller and freezer helps with keeping the product at a high, constant quality always.

Production becomes better organized by having the chiller and freezer at arm’s length, while the work cycle is optimized and personnel adjusted can be used to save costs.

The unit is like having your own kitchen assistant.

Blast chillers and freezers today can tell you when; the time is correct to take tarts from mould. You can be told when a product is the ideal temperature to retail.

You will be told when you are at the ideal temperature to keep products cold for a couple of days and some will automatically enter a deep freeze to keep products at 0 F, so they can be saved for weeks.

An extremely delicate part of preparing food is thawing, as you can compromise the healthiness and quality of the product. Having thawing cycles on a blast chiller, the time can be set for when the products are ready to be sold or further processed.

Bread taken from an oven can be blast chilled and shock frozen. That makes it easier to prepared foods that are cooked as well as pre-cook products only once per week to save on value time and waste.

With a blast chiller and freezer, bread can go from the oven to the blast chiller immediately using a dedicated cycle that keeps the breads characteristics in place for much longer.

Having your blast chiller and freezer will make your business more cost effective and give you much more time to dedicate to other areas of the business besides just the kitchen.

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