Benefits of Chip Tuning and Remapping

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Chip_tuning_01There are number of benefits and advantages of chip tuning or remapping the car’s central computer of ECU.

Each chip or remap upgrade here will give the owner an engine that is able to respond more eagerly when the accelerator is pressed. It will increase the torque and power of the engine.

The remapping will provide smoother delivery of power making it safer when overtaking. In town, the motor will drive much easier with fewer changes of gears making the motor work easier by not taxing it so much.

The car will receive much better gas mileage per gallon during normal driving that will help to reduce the expense of gasoline. It also makes the carbon footprint of the vehicle lower, which helps the environment and all those around you.

The most modern of gasoline engines including non-turbo and turbo, as well as turbo diesels can be remapped and have chip tuning.

For gasoline powered non-turbo vehicles, a remapping will give up to 10% more torque and power, improve the response of the throttle and enhance the range of the rev.

For gasoline-powered turbo charged vehicles, chip tuning can give the vehicle as much as 20% more power and 25% additional mid-range torque.

The throttle response is improved, while the power delivery is better and smoother across the full rev range. Normal driving will also see an increase in miles per gallon of fuel consumption after a remapping has occurred.

For vehicles that are turbo diesel, a remapping will give as much as 30% more power and more torque, a smoother and better power deliver across the full rev range.

The vehicle will enjoy superb power yet great fuel economy. The increase in the amount of boost is equaled by the fueling that has been reworked, torque delivery and throttle control.


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